Photograph of Aberdeen Harbour

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Locatorys - Business Locations Mapped by Industry

What are Locatorys? Intamap has created a number of industry-specific maps with the aim of rapidly increasing the number of live scenic webcams around Great Britain. The selected industries are likely to have attractive views around their property, or wish to be associated with the great outdoors: farm shops; new house builders (often building next to open spaces); and Land Rover industry specialists (LR being the definitive off-road vehicle in Britain). Most of these businesses will already use webcams to protect their property so could adapt existing equipment. The following Locatorys are all works in progress and should be treated as such.

If you would like your business added to a particular map then please email. When you add a scenic webcam let us know and we will include it on webcamsmap with a basic listing.


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Get Real! Visit LiveView365 to learn how visionary businesses throughout Britain are assisting web visitors in virtually visiting great British places in real time.

The need for additional live scenic webcams is urgent. The current restrictions on movement are causing serious mental health issues, but viewing a familiar place in real time gives a boost and encourages positivity. With the majority of the population carrying a phone with internet access, live scenic cams can be viewed anywhere at any time. The broadcaster benefits from a low-input (in terms of cost and time), sticky, high return rate means of marketing their business, and, of course, is contributing to a good cause at a challenging time for the country.

Map Data and Layout © Intamap


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Photograph of Eilean Donan Castle